Sources of brand equity in nation

Click on the names to the left to view more information about each of our team members. The Brand Liaison staff is among the most diverse in the industry with experts across a broad range of product classifications. In addition to his strong negotiation skills and ability to craft business deals advantageous to all parties, Steven is able to utilize his creative and entrepreneurial skills to provide guidance in brand development and product development.

Sources of brand equity in nation

His work experience includes International Marketing and Marketing Research, Project Management and Product Management for medium and large corporations. He is a part-owner of 24 Hour Translation. Much more than a collection of marketing choices, brands comprise, brand names, brand marks, trademarks, and trade names.

The power of branding rests in the perceptions, emotions and attitudes that consumers form towards a brand. A brand may consist of a single item or many items. Today, many companies also see brands as an asset.

In fact, we have seen brand names become more valuable than the companies that created them. Consider the case of brands such as Polaroid, Magnavox and Zenith, whose companies went bankrupt years ago, and yet their brand names continue to be licensed today. Strong brands have high brand equity because they are valuable assets that offer a number of competitive advantages.

Brands with high equity enjoy high levels of brand awareness and customer loyalty. Because consumers demand brands with high equity, the manufacturer has more negotiation power with retailers. With consumer demand and a strong negotiation position, manufacturers can more easily launch product lines and brand extensions.

Brand equity also provides some price protection because loyal consumers will pay more for the brands they admire. Brand Equity All brands have some measure of brand equity. Powerful brands like Disney, Apple and Nike have strong brand equity.

Brand equity accounts for the difference in customer response that a brand name makes. Consequently, a brand can have negative brand equity or positive brand equity. For instance, consumers with strong brand loyalty respond less favorably to unbranded products or other branded products in the same market.

Brands that rank high on each factor have high brand equity.

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Their model consists of the following four components. Differentiation All brands make promises to consumers. The strongest brands make unique promises that they consistently uphold.

These promises must differentiate from the promises of other brands so that consumers have a reason to purchase them. Strong brands have effective advertising and promotional campaigns that are successful in educating the market. Brand stories must be told and retold to new generations of customers.

Relevance Brands must address the needs of their market.

Sources of brand equity in nation

Successful brands constantly adapt to changing market conditions and evolving trends. Esteem Esteem represents how much a brand is respected.

Esteem can be built by providing great quality, service, support, etc. Consumers must demonstrate high respect for a brand to have equity.

This is done by focusing on the following 8 factors. Brand strategy Creating a brand that is recognized and respected is difficult. However, some characteristics make successful branding feasible.

At a minimum, a branded product must be easy to label and identify. The brand should display consistent quality and represent good value.

It should also be easily available for purchase and meet legal and ethical standards. To be profitable, a brand should also have an adequate life cycle and demand.The median family did not purchase a $, home in Texas.

They started with a $80, home and traded up as they built equity and the home appreciated. Nation Branding and Nation Brand Equity: The Case of Slovakia, Pardon Me, Slovenia.

Arne Baruca, University of Texas - Pan American. The purpose of this study is to explore and discuss whether Slovenia, a Central European country, has the possibility of developing a nation brand. As a new country Slovenia faces. More information about Peru is available on the Peru Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet..

U.S.-PERU RELATIONS. The United States established diplomatic relations with Peru in following Peru’s independence from Spain.

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