Patient safety quality care improvement case study

Medical error Greek physician treating a patient, c. Greek healers in the 4th century BC drafted the Hippocratic Oath and pledged to "prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.

Patient safety quality care improvement case study

Using an organization-wide approach, Spectrum Care applied the new framework to all service areas and activities. Within two years after landing his first job, he received two promotions and tripled his salary. March The organization-wide lean curriculum at Barnes-Jewish Hospital combines an education program for all employees with focused improvements in value streams.

Patient safety quality care improvement case study

November Since adopting the Baldrige criteria as a framework for process improvement inGenesis Health System has earned two statewide bronze-level performance excellence awards and one silver award. June The plan-do-study-act PDSA cycle, data-based decision making, and lean methodologies are part of the quality culture at Guttenberg Municipal Hospital.

They shifted to a more open communication model and a pillar system that focuses on six areas of performance improvement.

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The hospital is now a destination of choice for healthcare in north central Iowa, with some of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the nation. Process improvements resulted in increased patient safety and decreased error rates.

June When the Mercy Medical Center emergency department used lean techniques to improve process flow, patient satisfaction scores rose from the 30th to the 95th percentile.

Value stream mapping helped identify and eliminate non-value-added steps. A Six Sigma implementation at Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, shows that even small projects can make a big difference.

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Six Sigma Forum Magazine, February Quality Progress magazine, August After the collapse of the World Trade Center, teamwork helped emergency department staff at NYU Downtown Hospital meet a demand far greater than this small hospital normally handles. News for a Change, April The increasing amount of credible and actionable information that has become available through public reporting efforts has helped spur improvements.

While it is worth celebrating the improvements in patient safety and quality, such as reductions in hospital-acquired infections and early elective deliveries, it also is imperative that hospitals continue to strive for better performance. Written Signout: It Only Works If You Use The Right One.

Kheyandra Lewis, MD, and Glenn Rosenbluth, MD, November Early in the academic year, interns were on their first day of a rotation caring for an elderly man hospitalized for a stroke, who had developed aspiration pneumonia and hypernatremia.

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Over a five-year period the CAHPS RAND Team prepared a series of case studies of quality improvement initiatives undertaken by health plans and health care organizations.

Improving patient care safety and quality in Canada requires everyone’s involvement—SHIFT to Safety gives you the tools and resources you need to keep patients safe, whether you are a member of the public, a provider, or a leader. Patient Safety/Quality Care/Improvement Case Study 1. Overview of what are medical errors and possible consequences of such errors?


The Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines medical errors as “the failure of a planned action to be completed as intended or the use of a wrong plan to achieve an aim.”. Motivated by pressure and a wish to improve, health care organizations are implementing programs to improve patient safety.

This article describes six natural experiments in health care safety that show where the safety field is heading and opportunities for and barriers to improvement.

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