Oxford essays jurisprudence

Essays in Jurisprudence and Philosophy H. Hart Abstract The chapters in this book were written in the twenty-eight years following H.

Oxford essays jurisprudence

Hello, and welcome to our new guest series on the blog: There will be a guest contributor every day writing about their personal experience of applying to Oxford for their own subject. As a bit of background, I went to a state comprehensive secondary school and sixth form in East London, and come from a single parent, very low income family.

There are 2 reasons for this: Secondly, some colleges do have an interview which is led by the personal statement. So what goes in the academic section?

In short, why do you want to study law, and why would you be good at it? Each area has a case study which is a simplified version of a real case — I loved it, and it made me confident that law was what I wanted to study.

So, in my personal statement, I explained why I found it interesting, and how that had solidified my intention to study law. They give you a great taste into university life, and really confirm whether law is for you — this is my experience at least.

I also devoted a paragraph to explaining why my A-Levels would help make me an excellent law student. Really it wastes some characters and you can fit in much more useful things. Harsh, I know, but useful to know.

I did terribly on the LNAT. The average is usually aroundbut many people who go to Oxford get above that. I only applied to 2 unis that used it Oxford and Nottingham ; Nottingham took the multiple-choice score much more seriously and rejected me on that basis. From subsequent conversations with tutors, it sounds like the essay element is much more important at Oxford.

Here, you get a choice of 3 questions and words to answer it. My advice here would be to focus on structure — answering clearly and in a defined structure shows you can form a good argument, and helps you to get a complex point across in so few words.

Use examples where they fit, and try to use them creatively. Nothing is necessary, but it made me feel a little more chilled. I ended up having 3 interviews — typically 2 are scheduled, and then you might get called back for more; try not to read into this, whatever happens.Oxford University Press.

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The fourth collection of essays in this long-established series brings together some of the leading contributors to the study of the philosophical foundations of common law.

Key issues in contract, tort, and criminal law are subjected to philosophical scrutiny, the aim being to provide an exciting new basis for advanced teaching and further research.

Oxford essays jurisprudence
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