Nativity alphabet and religious songs

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Nativity alphabet and religious songs

Dancing or singing angels Use the shepherds on the hillside scene to include something of your own choice Singers optional opportunities provided to include small solos for angel, shepherds, and innkeeper.

Children to do the suggested actions of the key words mentioned for each letter of the alphabet. The basic cast requirement is: Actors to mime any or all of the following roles as their part of the story is narrated: No-one has any lines to say Singers there are 9 optional short songs which lend themselves to including solo parts, and even acting within the songs.

Just be inventive and have fun!

Nativity alphabet and religious songs

The Alphabet Nativity Play is the ultimate script for flexibility, so it can be performed without any songs, or using your own choice of song, or maybe even using carols for the audience to join in. I would consider the songs more suited to younger children by nature of their deliberate simplicity and repetitive Nativity alphabet and religious songs, and several of the songs last just half a minute if you use the backing tracks provided.

Bearing in mind that every performance of a script will be different dependant upon the speed of the reading and acting, I have tried to offer a rough suggestion of the timing to expect for each element of the nativity play to give a guide as you adapt the script for your purposes: The 9 songs are all short and simple.

If you include actors, allow for pauses in the script. Allow extra time for the pauses as the alphabet letters are put up. As a guide, we had 1 person passing and another pegging them up on the washing line, and it tended to add 20 seconds per letter, making an allowance of up to 8 minutes to display the 26 letters!

You can, of course, fine tune this as you choose. This is a great, fun ending to the play, getting all of the audience on their feet to join in with the actions at speed!

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The effectiveness of this script is more about timing, so this is the element of the script that would need to be rehearsed. Therefore, these are the considerations to pay attention to when planning what rehearsals you will require: The narrator will need to be a confident reader, but also someone who is capable of paying attention to the timing of the actions and the display of the illustrated alphabet letters whilst they read, to ensure that the play runs smoothly.

The person s displaying the letters need to pay attention throughout the narration, and know when to display the keyword. This is trickier than it might first seem, so it is easier to have one person following the script and then holding the letter up for a second person to place at the right moment.

The script has grey highlights to make it instantly noticeable when the letters are displayed to avoid damaging the flow of the script The songs are very simple if you choose to include them and should be very easy to remember, but can be interchanged with your own familiar favourites if preferred, to minimise the need for rehearsal.

If you choose to use my songs, pay attention to the opportunities offered and sometimes specifically mentioned within the script for solo lines, or for acting during the songs. Again, this would require extra rehearsal.

You may choose to have children miming the story as it is narrated: However, the actions are deliberately simple and flow together, and also the illustrations on the letters that are displayed act as a reminder of the keyword itself. If you have a whole class of children doing the actions to the keywords, they will need a short rehearsal to familiarise themselves with the actions.Christmas falls on December 25th every year and is the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The word Nativity refers to a birth and the circumstances surrounding the birth.

The Christian Alphabet Book | Christian Values | The Christian Alphabet

According to the Bible, Jesus was born in a manger or stable because the city of Bethlehem and its inns were. Christmas Songs, Christmas carols, and music for the Holiday Season with lyrics and music to listen to.

Perfect songs to sing near the Christmas tree. Perfect songs to sing near the Christmas tree. About Christmas songs listed alphabetically.


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Exactly what I needed. ABOUT THIS MULTIPURPOSE PRODUCT: Recommended for ages 'THE ABC NATIVITY' is a 20 - 25 minute humorous nativity contains 8 Christmas Nativity songs (all based on familiar tunes) along with all the backing music tracks – NO NEED FOR A PIANIST.

The Christian Alphabet Book is a creative way of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is an interactive family and children’s book that visually teaches 26 simple truths of Christianity.

But ‘The ABC Nativity’ still remains the most popular alphabet nativity play around. Following the tried and trusted formula of Learn2soar’s other successful Early Years nativities, the eight songs featured in ‘The ABC Nativity’ are based on familiar tunes.

THE ABC NATIVITY: Infant Alphabet Nativity Play Musical