Looking back and forward

Regardless, there is much to be thankful for including joyous family events, health and happiness.

Looking back and forward

We collect and donate used sports equipment to children and organizations in need. It all began when a few life long friends realized that they had an abundance of unused sports equipment in their garages.

We collect gently used sporting goods at organized events and through other donations. He is an athlete and serious sports fan: Leonardo is on the Birch Wathen basketball, lacrosse, and track and field teams, and is also a member of the debate and finance clubs.

Leonardo comes from a home where giving back and taking care of others is everything.

Looking back and forward

That is why he decided to start a club where city kids can make connections and feel a part of something by playing sports while also giving back to the community. They organized a community service project collecting gently used sports gear!

They delivered 1, pieces this past weekend!

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Thanks to all the donors for their support of us!! Thank you to all the communities that came out to support us! Steve you are an inspiration to us all! You are destined to do great things Young Man!! This is the first school organization created specifically to support LPIF's vision and we're thankful that Andrew felt enough passion to initiate this.

We hope this could serve as a model for future clubs at other schools. They have more events planned for the rest of the school year and are excited to deliver more collected equipment to us in the coming months. Thank you Anthony from Rockland County! Thank you, and I hope you have a great rest of the week!

We received this message from a LI School this a. Thanks to Let's Play It Forward this little girl gets to participate in field day with the sneakers you donated.

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She showed up in flat shoes and wasnt going to be able to participate. You guys are the best! And thank you Antonio for always helping us!!In 50 days, college football comes charging out of the tunnel with its first full weekend of games. What are coaches like James Franklin looking forward to?

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Oct 23,  · Looking Back, Looking Forward: Cancer and Vaccines By the Children’s Health Defense Team Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in American children, and the rise in childhood cancers has occurred alongside dramatic expansion of the childhood vaccine schedule.

Looking Back at Forward Thrust. A Community Conversation hosted by Shaun Scott. Monday, May 21, , PM. Rainier Arts Center (Columbia City) This event is part of a series of community conversations hosted by Shaun Scott centering on ideas and possibilities put forward by Forward Thrust in the late ’s.

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