Kasb e halal

The exploitation of the masses has gone into their blood.

Kasb e halal

Kasb-e-Halal means lawful, legal and Riba free earning. It is defined as all provisions and earnings that are Riba free, legal and lawful under the legitimation and having religious acceptance. It is also refers to the earnings which are according to the economic principles of Islam.

Moral values, business and religion are deeply linked with each other. Islam prepares his followers to do hard work and struggle for lawful earnings. It dislikes struggles less, effortless, unemployment and begging.

Islam stresses about legal earnings and forbids illegal earnings. The entire process of earnings should be fair and transparent.

These are as under: Eat of that which is lawful and good on the earth, and follow not the footsteps of Shaitan Satan. Verily, he is to you an open enemy. Eat of the Tayyibat [all kinds of Halal foods which Allah has made lawful meat of slaughtered eatable animals, milk products, fats, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Verily I am all knower what you do. Saying Of Hazrat Muhammad P.

~ by Adeel Zeerak

Lawful things are obligator on every Muslim. In case one tenth of the worshipper is unlawful would not be accepteds cloth on person of a be sure his prayers 3.

A person who takes a morsel of unlawful food, his prayers for forty days will not be accepted.

Kasb e halal

A companion asked the Prophet p. The sins of a person who returns home exhausted in search of legitimate earnings are forgiven by Almighty Allah and when he gets up next morning almighty Allah is pleased with.#Lecture #Khutbah #Halal #Kasb #Earning #RibaFree #Islam.

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Ajmal Kasab, a Lashkar-e-Taiba militant who was involved in the Mumbai attacks Khaled Kasab Mahameed, an Arab Israeli Muslim lawyer living in Nazareth, Israel, and founder of the Arab Institute for Holocaust Research and Education, a Holocaust Memorial located in Nazareth.

opposite to “Kasb-e-Halal”. Mostly a point gets clear view when we compare it to its opposite word. So we shall discuss “Kasb-e-Haram” taking a contrast to “Kasb-e-Halal”.


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Kasb-e-Halal: In a world where selfishness and aggrandizement are playing vital part in human life, insistence on kasb-e-halal is of the utmost significance. Iqbal insists that the individuals should constantly exert him to acquire things which he wants to enjoy.

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