Innocence and hostility in romeo and juliet and of mice and men essay

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Innocence and hostility in romeo and juliet and of mice and men essay

Love cannot be ignored and Romeo and Juliet refused to let anything prevent them from seeing each other, although Juliet entered the relationship with questions.

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Romeo expects more so early into the relationship, showing lustful and fickle personality having only just ended a relationship with Rosaline.

Friar Lawrence plays a significant part in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, although, they are no direct fault of his own. The Friar is at first persuaded by Romeo to marry the young couple and later by Juliet to help her escape from Verona to re-unite with her darling Romeo.

However the Friar should have foreseen the many complications that could arise by marrying the couple. The Friar was keen to end the feud between the two households and believed marrying the young lovers would be a good way of achieving this. Eventually the feud did end but only after the death of the married couple.

The two lovers might not have died and their relationship may have eventually been accepted. The Nurse showed loyalty towards Juliet.

This is evident from the warning she gave her when her mother was about to enter her room. I feel that the Nurse wants Juliet to be happy and she wants to protect her. The Prince had the responsibility of keeping law and order in Verona.

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I feel that if the fighting was stopped earlier by the Prince it could have saved the lives of not just Romeo and Juliet but also of Mercutio and Tybalt. Tybalt, the cousin of Juliet, was a major factor in the cause of their death.

Tybalt was the only member of the Capulet family that demonstrated a negative attitude toward the Montague family. This starts a feeling of anger and resentment by Tybalt towards the Montague family, especially Romeo.

Tybalt willingness to start a fight with the Montagues, demonstrates his eagerness to uphold the feud.

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In Act 3, Scene 1 Tybalt came looking for a fight with Romeo. His actions show the close relationship that existed between these two friends. Consequently, Romeo could no longer see Juliet. In the absence of the feud, I believe that no lives would have been lost as Tybalt would not have resented the Montague family and the Montagues and the Capulets would not have opposed with the relationship between Romeo and Juliet.

By including this quotation so early in the play, Shakespeare creates a sense of anticipation. From this point, they know what the eventual outcome will be but the questions of how and why are only answered as the play advances.Name Teacher Class Date Innocence and Hostility in Romeo and Juliet and Of Mice and Men One dictionary defines Innocence as Freedom from sin, moral wrong, or guilt through lack of knowledge of evil ‘ Thus innocence is the state wherein one is, in a sense, pure free from doubt and dread and woe, unmarred by sorrow or the countless ills.

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Instantly, Romeo and Juliet are attracted to each other; she by Romeo’s words, and he by Juliet’s beauty.


When Romeo first sees Juliet, he is completely astounded by her beauty. Without even knowing the name of this lovely stranger, Romeo’s eyes take complete control over his heart and mind, and set him in a helpless state of love. Beauty’s innocence as a kind and gentle character allows her to believe that the idea of asking for a simple rose can cause no harm, but the outcome exists as someone must stay with the beast.

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Innocence and hostility in romeo and juliet and of mice and men essay

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