Improving the quality of nursing care essay

For that care to be safe and of the highest quality, the Institute of Medicine, the nursing community and others have recognized the need for health care providers to embrace a collaborative, team-based approach to care.

Improving the quality of nursing care essay

Healthcare quality and patient safety Introduction Healthcare quality and patient safety are top priorities within healthcare worldwide. Demographic and technological development have increased the requirements for health services and have put the healthcare system under pressure 1.

Growing demands for advanced treatments, more complex nursing, high quality and safety, better patient satisfaction along with short hospital stays, high production, and reduced consumption of resources are some of the challenges the healthcare system is faced with 1.

Improving the quality of nursing care essay

Healthcare policy priorities and management should be supported by research on organization and structure to contribute to a higher degree of evidence-based decision making in order to improve healthcare quality and efficiency 2;3. An increasing body of research in health service evaluate how different organizational factors affect the healthcare quality, the outcomes or costs.

Adequate nurse staffing has been found important for optimal health services and treatments, which leads to better quality, patient safety, and patient outcomes.

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Although this relation is convincing and has appeared in several studies during the past 30 years across different hospitals and countriesno overall consensus on a valid and reliable tool to assess the demand for nurses has been found. Furthermore, most studies have been limited to retrospective studies or studies including data at hospital level.

There is a lack of research at nursing unit level that explore the relationship of healthcare quality, nurse staffing and related organizational factors.

The identification of organizational factors and the development, validation and tools to test reliability for the daily assessment of organizational factors can assist in Improving the quality of nursing care essay staffing needs to ensure a better distribution of the limited healthcare resources, when planning interventions to improve outcome.

Despite the evidence on the relationship between adequate nurse staffing and patient outcomes, nurse staffing is in Denmark often determined on the basis of tradition, economy or simple calculations such as number of nurses per bed or per patient No previous published studies on nurse staffing in Denmark were found.

The model included the three dimensions: Donabedian postulated that each of the three dimensions is a necessary condition for the next.

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An optimal structural setting or organization in which healthcare takes place is a prerequisite for improved process of healthcare performed, which leads to better patient outcomes.

Based on the model, studies of patient outcomes assess either association with process variables, or indirectly associations with structural factors that affects process variables that are measured or not measured Nursing care are processes that will affect patient outcomes, but structural variables that support or hinder nursing care will also predict patient outcomes.

Hence, it is not enough to focus on optimizing nursing care processes, optimal structural conditions are also necessary for optimal patient outcomes.

Structural variables include a work environment with adequate nurse staffing levels. Magnet hospitals The Donabedian model has been used as the basis for solid research on Magnet hospitals in the United States. This research had emphasized the importance of structural factors for both process and outcome.

The research about Magnet hospitals can be traced back to the eighties 25; Due to a shortage of nurses, researchers examined why some hospitals were better at attracting and retaining skilled nurses thus termed Magnet hospitals.

A number of organizational conditions such as better communication, higher nurse staffing levels, a flat structure, a better work environment, and more educated nurses were characteristic for magnet hospitals as opposed to non-magnet hospitals Further, researchers also found better patient outcomes in Magnet hospitals compared to Non-Magnet hospitals The better outcome in Magnet hospitals was ascribed to better nursing care provided processwhich again was explained by a better organizational support structure for nursing care.

Magnet hospitals are regarded as prime examples of positive organizational conditions with excellent patient care quality, nurses with a high job satisfaction, and good recruitment and retention of nurses.

Improving the quality of nursing care essay

In a study from Kalisch showed that low nurse staffing was a predictor for missed nursing care, when controlling for unit characteristics. These findings are the first ones to clarify, that the process of nursing care is hindered when nurse staffing is insufficient.

Kalish showed that when nurses have to prioritize required nursing care interventions, patients are exposed to a risk of delayed or lack of care, medication and treatment and complications as a result.

In a systematic review from including 42 studies, the prevalence of missed nursing appears to be high. However, the kind of missed care varied depending on the different measurements, most frequently missing interventions were related to teaching the patient, emotional care needs and surveillance activities.

Patient outcomes that were significantly associated with missed care were: Most frequently factors predicting missed care were staffing resource adequacy, the safety climate, nurse-reported care quality, and teamwork.a broad overview of health care quality including: the current state of health care quality, why it is important, lessons learned from the non-workers’ compensation world, and why a focus on quality makes sense from a business standpoint.

Improving Transitions of Care with Health Information Technology Health information technology (HIT) is broadly considered a tool for improving care quality, reducing care disparities, and improving care outcomes, including patient and family experience.

(e.g., hospital to nursing home), care transitions within an institution (e.g. Joanne Cleary-Holdforth Lecturer in nursing, Dublin City University, Dublin This article reviews the principles of evidence-based practice (EBP), the essential components of the EBP process, potential barriers to its implementation and the role of education in supporting EBP.

Free Improving Access to Care in America Essay Sample. the quality of care has improved, as it offers quality health care services to Arkansas older adults’ population.

With most of the centers located in rural areas where the old live, the initiative has given a glimpse of hope to older adults, as they come from poor backgrounds.

A person’s quality of life (QOL) is influenced by a number of factors. For nursing home residents, QOL is highly impacted by the amount of personal attention received from facility staff, according to new research from the School of Public Health..

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Findings from the study indicate the average time nursing home residents spend with activity staff is only 20 minutes per day. Communication in Nursing essay. thus affecting the quality of the nurse-patient relationship. improved nurse-physician communication is not only a remedy for diminished job satisfaction, it is also an elixir for improving patient care”.

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