E small write and wipe

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E small write and wipe

Children view their work through the clear transparent cover of the apparatus and record answers using a dry erase marker or wipe-off crayon. When completed, answers easily wipe away, allowing for exercises to be repeated many e small write and wipe until mastery.

Additionally, the device is convenient, quick, simple, and easy to utilize, especially for young children. It is easily transportable and has multiple functionality, including an additional work, therapeutic, play, or display surface.

The apparatus, when used in conjunction with any ordinary school workbook, worksheet, or blank template, will allow children, especially young children, children with learning disabilities and children with limited writing and fine motor skills, to repeatedly practice a wide range of learning skills in any subject.

Workbooks are well known in the educational field. A seemingly unlimited variety of workbooks have been developed to aid in teaching children mathematics, handwriting, language, science, social studies, music, grammar, etc. Such workbooks are valuable instructional tools because they cover a wide range of learning skills, they provide a diversity of formats, and because exercises are typically sequenced from easiest to more difficult.

Also, the exercises in typical school workbooks are generally enriched by fun drawings, colors, and interesting formats. However, exercises in conventional workbooks that use a paper and pencil approach, can only be used once.

There is only one chance to fill in each page and complete the assignment.

Student Clock Write and Wipe

There is no opportunity for repeated practice of any particular page. Making multiple copies of the same page from which to practice becomes, inconvenient, impractical, costly, and in some cases, not an option due to copy written materials.

Write-on wipe-off books, boards, and mats are also common in the educational field. The user is able to write on the coated surface and thereafter wipe off the markings for repeated use. Such devices, however, have a fixed, specific content and are limited in the versatility of the device.

In prior art, devices are known wherein a clear overlay is placed over an underlying paper form whereby a child can write on the clear overlay using the underlying paper form as a guide. The clear overlay may then be erased, and the paper form may be reused.

e small write and wipe

However, devices such as these, as presented in U. Other such devices, such as those presented in U. The height of these devices is not ergonomically practical for use on a desk or tabletop or for young children who are still learning the proper writing posture i.

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Other prior art devices, such as presented in U. These moving parts, when opened and shut, are disruptive in the classroom and are difficult for small children to operate. With these devices, inserting and removing the underlying paper guide, in the form of a worksheet, is cumbersome and time consuming in a classroom or instructional setting and is also difficult for young small children to utilize.

Furthermore, while write-on wipe-off learning devices of prior art are suitable for their intended purposes, these teaching aids do not allow for a variety of work surfaces in one apparatus for use in conducting various teaching, recreational or therapeutic activities.

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Although more than one work surface is often needed to better illustrate lessons taught in school workbooks, there have been no adequate devices for presenting the workbook material along with additional work or display surfaces for use as teaching aids, or to present alternate communication means or motivational reinforcements, or to remind students of training schedules, particularly learning disabled children.

An improvement over the presently known write-on wipe-off educational devices would comprise of an ergonomic, reusable, write-on wipe-off learning device able to accommodate multiple forms of underlying printed matter including a worksheet, a blank template, and a school workbook being of varying thickness in the open reading position, whereby children are able to write on the clear transparent overlay of the device and easily wipe away their work, allowing for repeated practice and opportunities to learn.

Such a device would be quick, simple, and easy to utilize, especially for young children. Additionally, the easily transportable teaching apparatus would have multiple functionality including; an additional work or play surface.

How to wipe free disk space in Linux? Ask Question. if you want to blank the free space on an active filesystem then you can't get around the need to write that much data via the filesystem overhead. is when the disk is finally full, BleachBit creates small files to wipe the inodes (which contains metadata like filenames, etc). share. Learning Resources Algebra Tiles helps students represent and analyze algebraic principles by creating concrete models. Magnetic write and wipe shapes for whole-class demonstrations or hands-on student work. Largest piece measures /2 cm x /2 cm. Ages 11 and above. Sold as 72 pieces. Encourage the class to par1icipation with write-on/wipe-off clock. This set of 5 clocks is Great for small-group activities. Clocks with movable hands and a place to write in digital time.

This present invention is directed to such an advance in the art. It allows children to practice a wide range of academic skills when used in conjunction with printed matter in the form of a child's workbook in the open reading position being of varying thickness, a worksheet, or a blank template.

It is a versatile, convenient, cost effective, timesaving tool that allows an instructor or teacher to use the same workbook many times over, either with the same student or with many different students.

The present invention is quick, simple, and easy to utilize, especially for young children. Additionally, the present, easily transportable, teaching apparatus has multiple functionality including an additional work or play surface, storage accessories, and ancillary learning packages.

As a result, the present invention has several objectives and advantages: It is an objective of the present invention to provide a wipe-on wipe-off learning device that has multiple functionality to accommodate various underlying printed matter in the form of sheet like material, i.

The present device will accommodate all such said printed matter being of any length and of any width up to the fixed length and fixed width of the device itself.

Another objective of the present invention is to be able to support and hold a workbook in the open reading position for easy, hands free reading and writing i. The holder may be placed on a desk or table in front of the user or, due to its rigid supporting structure, may be placed and used on the lap.

It is another objective of the present invention, when used in conjunction with printed matter in the form of a child's workbook, worksheet, or blank template, to provide an educational device that makes such underlying printed matter reusable. After the student records his or her answers on the clear transparent surface cover of the apparatus using a dry erase marker or wipe-off crayon, all the answers can be easily wiped away using a cloth.Here’s the perfect easel—whether you’re standing up or sitting on the floor!

It features telescoping legs that adjust easily and lock into place plus a roomy activity surface that’s both magnetic and write & wipe.

There’s even a sturdy clip on top for hanging charts & posters, and a tray on bottom for books and markers.5/5(5). Wipe Clean Workbooks: Pre-K (Scholastic Early Learners) by Scholastic, Scholastic Early Learners Wipe Clean Workbooks - Pre K is a colorful, wipe-clean workbook to support children in their early learning.

A wipe-clean book full of friendly monsters to help children learn to write capital letters. Pen-control activities such as tracing the wings of a butterfly or drawing waves for monsters to surf on help children practise the shape of each letter, and the special wipe-clean .

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