Critical analysis of website peta website

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Critical analysis of website peta website

Presented with a victim who is young, female, injured, and dazed, the viewer is led to assume that the woman is a victim of domestic abuse.

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Even when viewed as satire, the PETA ad perpetuates troubling gendered stereotypes. The young woman is stripped of her dignity—and her clothes—as she performs domestic chores for her boyfriend. Sex and violence are conflated and women are depicted as desperate nymphomaniacs who desire sex even when it results in personal injury.

For a discussion of the myriad examples of this trend that emerged insee my earlier TNA post. The PETA ads, then, should be viewed as one example of a broader cultural trend.

The question that remains is, so what? So what if PETA and other political organizations choose to use provocative methods in order to raise awareness about political issues? These images argue against circuses and the consumption of meat: Ads like these are popular, however, not only or perhaps not even because they trigger an empathetic response.

Depictions of sexy women in violent and abusive situations is, unfortunately, a familiar strategy used in advertising and popular culture. Soon, PETA moved from photos that conflated human and animal identities to those that promoted the objectification of women as preferable to the objectification of animals:PETA sent out press releases about SeaWorld during the past two years and has organized publicity stunts such as sending naked protesters to sit in a bathtub outside a Macy's.

How to critically evaluate a webpage. As information on the web varies so tremendously in quality it is essential that you critically evaluate all information that you find. Use your common sense and refer to the checklist below: Is this someone’s personal page or site? Website Performance Optimization.

Critical analysis of website peta website

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It includes passages and questions that test your ability to comprehend what you read.

Critical analysis of website peta website

Looking at the data you have collected in part two, compose a note to the author of the Web site explaining how you are going to use the Web site in your project and .

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