Content rewrite asa college

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Content rewrite asa college

Similarly, it is useful to study the organization of ideas at different levels of detail: Don't believe everything you read, but do be ready and eager to learn from your reading.

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When a book discusses ideas about politics, philosophy or religion, use evaluative thinking. In fact, a more accurate term would be evaluative thinking. When a physics book describes how nature behaves, you can usually be confident the author isn't trying to mislead you. After you realize there is a conflict, you can use the same strategy that a scientist uses to evaluate competing theories: Also consider different levels of understanding.

Do you understand how a television set works? If this means a knowledge of how to design or repair it, you'll probably say NO. But on a practical level, you can say YES if you know how to plug it in, turn it on, flip the dial, and watch. There are levels-of-understanding in every area of life.

Sometimes it is important to learn all you can about an idea and try to understand it fully, including many of the details. At other times it's better to just use what you know and don't worry about any loose ends and unanswered questions.

Knowing what should be put into each category is an important part of wisdom. Often you'll want to use a book for inspiration, to help you generate your own creative ideas. Look for ways to combine your new and old knowledge.

And don't plagiarize by claiming that you discovered ideas when you actually read them in her book. Creativity and critical thinking are discussed more fully in my link-pages for Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking. What should you do when you stop?

Recitation provides original awareness with intention to remember and makes you practice the active recall you'll need for answering questions, and solving problems on exams or in life. Timing is important, because you must capture ideas while they're still in your short-term memory.

Kenneth Higbee, author of the excellent book, Your Memory: You can also write your own notes comments or summaries in the book's margin or on a separate piece of paper.

Will stop-and-go reading slow you down? Yes, but that can be good. It is often useful to do three readings: Depending on your time, purpose and motivation, re-reading can be done carefully, or a quick review of the important points use your notes and book-marking as a guideor just read what you need for doing problems.

Active Listening This is like active reading, but with two major differences. During a lecture you can learn from what is said the contentand also how it is said the style by paying attention to inflection and rhythm, emphasis, voice pitch, posture, facial expressions and hand gestures.

You control the pace of your reading, but a speaker talks as fast as they want. Unless a lecture is recorded, stop-and-go listening is not practical. Instead you must do five or more things almost-simultaneously — listen, see for facial expressions, Here are three ways to improve your skill in listening-seeing-processing-writing-observing.

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May 13, just a thought by: james c burgess As I read some of the comments I get saddened by the level of pure hatred from ones that proclaim to be christians and . Woodrow Wilson?

Abraham Lincoln? Rufus Choate? Thomas B. Macaulay? William Howard Taft? Mark Twain? Anonymous?

content rewrite asa college

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