Aluminum bats vs wooden bats essay

If a player blasted a ball farther, you could identify the person's swing technique or physical strength as the underlying cause. Then, in the s, aluminum bats began pinging their way across diamonds and, almost immediately, observers wondered if a batter's metal mattered more than his mettle.

Aluminum bats vs wooden bats essay

The goal is to establish a scientific framework for addressing the issue of bat performance. The same standard will be adopted by the National Federation of High Schools in And it is quite likely the various youth bat organizations will adopt a similar standard in the near future.

The following are some links related to this new standard. This is an layman's article I wrote about bat performance, what it means, how to measure it, and how to regulate it. The story is about the reduction in offensive production due to the BBCOR bats, first introduced inand how the production would be restored by switching to the MLB baseball.

Comparing the Performance of Baseball Bats: A nontechnical article I wrote for The Baseball Analysts. It appeared on January 18, This is a reasonable starting point, since it explains what BBCOR actually is and how it is measured.

Reduction in Powera story written by Lou Pavlovich, Jr. The story is largely the result of Lou's interview with me regarding the new NCAA bat performance standard that will take effect starting in The article is very well written and mostly accurate.

It is reasonably informative, mostly correct, and quite glitzy. An article written by Dr. The following are some papers published in the scientific literature that address the issue of bat performance.

Evaluating Baseball Bat Performancea technical peer-reviewed paper published in Sports Engineering in by Prof. This paper is the first to take make a critical scientific evaluation of the various metrics of bat performance.

Characterizing the Performance of Baseball Batsa technical peer-reviewed paper published in the February issue of American Journal of Physics. In this paper I present the issues involved with characterizing the peformance of bats from a physics point of view.

I describe laboratory measurements one could to do decide if an aluminum bat outperforms a wood bat. This paper is written by Prof. The paper, published in the Journal of Sports Technology vol 1, pp.

Smith, and Warren L.

Aluminum bats vs wooden bats essay

Faber, Sports Technology accepted for publication, June This paper describes a new procedure for normalizing the performance of the bat to the COR and dynamic stiffness of the ball. The method is shown to be superior to another often-used technique. Nathan, Sports Technology 2, This paper shows that the performance of a bat depends much more on its moment of inertia than it does on its mass.

Russell, and Lloyd V. Smith, Sports Engineering 13, This paper is the only known study of a comparison between field and laboratory performance. A formula is derived relating a batter's swing speed to the inertial properties of the bat.Aluminum BBCOR bats tend to feel stiffer in contact just like wood bats, but in terms of weight, aluminum bat is heavier.

Composite bats are sturdier and have lighter swing weight compared to wood. Both Aluminum and Composite bats are lighter to swing compared to wood and are also regulated to reduce the “trampoline effect” to mimic the. Baseball Bats compare Contrast Essays - Aluminum Bats vs.

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Wooden Bats vs. Aluminum Bats The thought in many peoples minds in the baseball community is the overwhelming issue of . The goal: make metal and composite bats perform more like wood bats, in regard to the speed of the ball coming off the bat (known as exit velocity).

Lowering exit velocity means greater reaction time for . Mar 21,  · Testing bats for self defense - Wood vs Metal vs UNBREAKABLE $30 BAT vs. $ BAT! Casting a solid aluminum bat that leaves a good impression (Success/Fail) - .

Wood vs. Non-Wood Bats: Comparing the Performance of Baseball and Softball Bats With all the recent discussion about the new BBCOR standard for non-wood bats, I have put together some information that I hope people will find useful.

Why Aluminum Bats Perform Better than Wood Bats